Tank Storage Yard

Port of Houston

Loaded ISO Tank Storage Yard near the Port of Houston.

Loaded ISO tank storage is one of the many services offered by Best Transportation Service.

This division offers safe and secure storage of loaded ISO Tanks near the Port of Houston. Our storage yard is both '40 CFR 112 Compliant' and 'International Fire Code' compliant.

For more information, call our main line and say you are interested in loaded tank storage.

(713) 749-8600

Some History

In 1995 our customer base began asking if we could provide storage service for loaded ISO tank containers. Until 2007, we did not have enough real estate to provide storage at our facility, so (before then) we partnered with other facilities that had the equipment and space to provide the service. This business model worked well over the years and we were able to generate a considerable volume of business. Our ultimate plan was to eventually bring this service "in-house" at Best to take advantage of efficiencies an on-site loaded storage facility could provide.

In December of 2007 we moved into a new facility with over 33 acres. Today we have the facility, employees, and the equipment to provide loaded storage service. When a tank arrives at Best, we perform a visual exterior inspection of the tank container and document the findings on an EIR). Click Equipment Interchange Report (EIR). After the inspection process we include the EIR along with other documents such as Bill of Lading, MSDS, Customer Orders, etc in a file folder. Each file folder contains information specific only to each individual tank.

We hired a Professional & Environmental Engineer in March of 2010, Mr. Hadi Elmi of EDSM, to complete a full site assessment and develop a "Spill Prevention, Control, and Counter Measure Plan" for compliance with 40 CFR 112, and develop a compliance plan for the "International Fire Code" for outdoor storage of containers and portable tanks. In addition to the assessment and plan development, Mr. Elmi provided documented training to management and employees for both plans.

Fire Protection

We have a 4" fire department connection approximately 150' from the South West corner of the container storage yard (CSY). We have two fire extinguishers located in the spill response box located at the South East corner of the container storage yard. We also have a fire extinguisher located in the lift machine. We have a spill response box located on the South West corner of the CSY that is outfitted with absorbent pads, 5 gallon pails, 55 gal drums, dyke material, granular absorbent, etc.

4 Inch Fire Department Connection

This image shows the 4" fire plug and the proximity of the fire plug to the storage yard

Fire Plug and Spill Response Box

Spill Response Box and Fire Plug

We purchased a water tight shipping container to use as a staging point for fire and spill related materials.

Theft/Burglary Protection: 24/7 Video and Manned Surveillance.

Best is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, including all holidays. The regular business hours are from 06:00 hrs until 18:00 hours Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 07:00 hrs until 15:00 hrs. We have an after hours night watchman/dispatcher that monitors the phones, cameras, and periodically does a drive around inspection of the facility.

Camera Surveillance Security Access System

Access to Best is limited after normal business hours. All authorized personnel have a personal security code. Access to the facility can be obtained via the personnel security code or by contact with the night watchman. Our camera system has a DVR that will back up fifteen days of surveillance.

Dual Camera Security Access System

Cameras located in both the key pad and power pole

How often is inventory taken?

Inventory is taken once per month. We inventory the tank container itself. We do not inventory the product contained within the tank container. When the tank arrives we note the seal number on the inbound EIR. When the tank leaves we again note the seal number on the out bound EIR.

We also do a walk around of the facility daily to inspect the condition of the tank container.

Tank Storage Inventory

Monthly Physical Inventory

Total number of employees involved in operation.

We limit the number of employees involved in this process in order to maintain consistency, accuracy, and easy contact for customer service. Therefore, we have two people that maintain the EIR process, tank handling process, inventory process, and file maintenance process. This model has provided us with 100% accuracy of inventory management. We have several backup personnel trained to do various parts of the process in the event the primary employees are not available. Additionally, all employees involved with tank handling have received lift operator training and have demonstrated their skills to management.

Inbound ISO Tank Inspection

Inbound Inspection - Equipment Interchange Report

Capacity: How many ISO tanks can we store at one time?

We can accommodate approximately six hundred ISO tank containers comfortably given the current size of our storage yard. When we become congested in that area, we have additional land in reserve for expansion.

Maximum value of any one ISO tank.

We surveyed our current storage customers and found that the median price range of the tank cargo is approximately $36,000 to $45,000. Maximum values can exceed this range but this is representative of our current day-in and day-out business at this time.

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